Glamping is about unique experiences. What could be more special than waking up in the treetops to the sound of your neighbours, the birds? Our cocoons are innovative suspended Glamping Structures. The cocoon is a luxurious 3m wide circular bed that you can safely suspend for an aerial Glamping Experience. A precision-engineered product, designed to have minimal impact on the environment and maximum impact on your clients. Cutting edge technology, top class comfort and environmental protection combined into one.

Long Lasting

The T6 aeronautical grade aluminium and galvanized steel structure will last you a life-time.


The laser cut and high-frequency welded membrane in the best quality of PVC available guarantees protection from even the heaviest of rain.

Wind Resistant

The cocoon has a spherical shape to resist the wind. The membrane is made to fit the structure perfectly so you won’t ever hear flapping like you might in more traditional tents.

Easy installation

The cocoon can easily be set in 2 hours with 3 people. Transform unused areas, woodland or cliffs. You do not need flat or clear ground, just two sturdy trees, or you could even set your cocoon on stand-alone feet.


When you remove the cocoon from its site, it leaves no trace of its presence, it has disturbed the nature in no way whatsoever. Even better, we pay careful attention to using recyclable materials to minimise our environmental impact even in the production stages. Lightweight and easy to transport; choose a low-carbon footprint product.


Glamping is: the comfort and glamour of a gorgeous hotel with the excitement and adventure of a camping adventure.