Ecological materials

100% wooden frames. 100% handmade in Portugal by our artisans.

Easy set-up

Despite being extremely robust, our wood domes can be set in only 15 minutes. Easy to transport and store, and very light-weight.

Customisable design

You can choose between white, coloured or transparent panels, or go for a combination of all three. You can choose between a natural wood coloured structure or a painted finish. You choose the door and window quantity and location.

Immersive Glamping

Our wooden domes can be made fully transparent to provide your guests with a truly immersive experience.

Seasonal Glamping

Our wooden domes are so easy to set, you can have a seasonal glamping project, and set-up in spring and take-down in the following fall. If you have clients to work all year round, then you can leave your domes up with no problem whatsoever.

Festival Glamping

This structure is fun and carefree, perfect for setting a glamping site for a festival. We can create huge colourful wooden-dome villages, sure to leave a lasting impact on your clients. We can create communal areas with our sister company, Eurodome, and their impressive range of geodesic domes.

Dining domes

Maximise outdoor space all year round. Create intimate dining spaces for up to 15 guests in exclusive locations.

Therapy domes

The Unidome is a flexible and dynamic space that can be used as a massage area, as a mindfulness and relaxation space, or even as a classroom.


Glamping is: the comfort and glamour of a gorgeous hotel with the excitement and adventure of a camping adventure.